Monthly Newsletter: August 2017

Monthly Newsletter is our club update that highlights our recent activities, upcoming activities and other important information for current and prospective members. . 

Almost There…

6 months ago it seemed like Opening Day would never come and now we are roughly 2 weeks out! It is truly hard to believe and we have come a long way as a business and as a club. Let’s briefly talk about some of our successes before we move into the nitty gritty. 

1. We built a pretty robust website with a back end specifically for our members. Members can schedule hunts, log harvests, access documents, get directions and a host of other cool things. And the best part is we are only getting started. We have some reallly cool upgrades planned  for this winter when things are slow. 

2. Leased over 1,700 acres within 50-60 minutes of our core area (WIlliamson and Davidson County). If you are new to the area you know how much of an accomplishment that is by itself. We will double or triple that next year!

3. Hit about 66% of our yearly membership quota in 3 months time. We still have about 2 weeks left and a few spots so please tell your friends about us. 

Reservation System Update

Given that we are creating this whole concept from scratch, we expected changes and are very appreciative that our members are so understanding. After consulting with a few members, other businesses with similar models and customers that use those services, we have decided to make one change to our reservation system.  The change centers on the lead time and the number of reservations at any one time. Here is the NEW PROCESS. 

Advanced Reservations: Members may contact the Property Manager (Austin) at (615) 771- 9111 ext.0 to make your “ADVANCED RESERVATIONS” (Defined as reservations over 5 days in the future). Members can have a certain number of “Advanced Reservations” on the books at any one time. Limits are Premier Plus (4 hunts), Premier (3 hunts) and Standard (2 hunts). A “hunt” can be either a full day or half day. After your hunt, you can then make another “Advanced Reservation” to replace the one you used. 

On-Demand Reservations:  Reservations can be be made “On Demand” within 5 days of a hunt. These will be made through our website. 


September 1st- A Premier Plus member calls Austin to schedule the following hunts. 1. September 23rd – Half Day Morning; 2. September 24th- Full Day; 3. November 24th – Full Day and 4. November 25th- Half Day Evening. 

September 25th- The member then calls Austin again to schedule October 20th and 21st. 

September 27th- Member decides that he would like to hunt on the October 1st (Within 5 days) and he logs into his member dashboard and makes the reservation directly. 

Website Upgrades: We are currently working on upgrades to our booking system to allow members to book both Advanced Reservations and On-Demand Reservations through our site. 

2017 Dove Hunt is in the books!! 

We want  to thank Robbie for all of the work he put into the NHC Dove Hunt. It was a huge success. The food was excellent and the birds started pouring  in around 2:30pm and didn’t stop until we were just tired of shooting. Several hunters took their limit!

Check out the gallery for some pictures and here are a couple of the emails that we got shortly after.

Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for saturday’s hunt and for the sweet NHC swag.  I had a great time and really looking forward to being part of the club.  All the members I met were solid people which shows you did a great job at selecting quality people and not taking any money thrown your direction.  I really appreciate that and think that will make this club a huge success.”

“I just wanted to send a quick thank you for Saturday.  A great way to kick the season off, we had a great time.

 Thanks again! “

Safety Harnesses, Guest Policies and Liability Waivers

We want to stress a few things right here…

FIRST- WE REQUIRE THAT ALL MEMBERS USE SAFETY HARNESSES.  You should be comfortable using your recovery strap and always have your cell phone withing reach. We would advise against keeping it in your leg pocket on your pants. You may have a hard time getting to it when you are suspended from your safety harness. If you are unsure if what to buy or have any other questions please CALL US!!

SECOND- PLEASE ADHERE TO THE GUEST POLICY. You can access the club rules through your member dashboard. Please read them and adher to the policy. These are in place to provide everyone an excellent experience. 

THIRD- PLEASE WORK WITH US TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE LIABILITY WAIVERS ON FILE FOR YOUR GUESTS AND/OR DEPENDENTS. All members have a waiver on file as part of the membership agreement. However, we will be working to get them on file for your dependents (if they have access as a member) or if you have guests. Stay tuned  on this part.