What are the benefits of leasing my land?

A hunting lease agreement can provide additional income, reduce crop damage, reduce trespassing and we will work to improve the value of your land investment. We work hand in hand with you to develop a management plan that can help you achieve the goals that are most important to you.

Who will be on my land?

NHC thoroughly vets every member of the club so you know only qualified hunters that care as much as you do about your land are on your property. In fact, all members are subject to a federal, state and local background investigation. We have only the best members!

What happens if someone gets hurt?

NHC is focused on safety and ensuring our members follow the rules as laid out in the hunting lease agreement. However, In the event someone is injured, NHC carries a general commercial insurance policy of $2 million dollars.

How will NHC improve my property?

The Principal Members of NHC are significant landowners themselves and currently own over 1,200 acres throughout Middle TN. We have a significant amount of experience managing property and the equipment to deliver world class property management. We can create clearings, plant food plots, cut trails, clear campsites and about anything else a landowner could ask for. We leave every property better than when we found it. Depending on the length and terms of the lease, NHC will invest significant resources working directly with you to design and implement an improvement plan.

What are members allowed to do on my land?

NHC works closely with you to clearly define the permitted activities. Our hunting lease agreement typically allow for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.  However, we can limit activities, restrict areas or provide any other accommodation needed.

My land isn't good for hunting. Can I still enjoy the benefits of an NHC lease?

Absolutely. That is what is unique about NHC. Because we allow fishing, camping, and hiking, we can offer most landowners an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a lease regardless of how small, how big, urban or open your property is. We can find a use for almost every piece of property.

Is NHC different than Base Camp Leasing or National Hunting Leases?

We are very different. Those other companies focus mainly on finding you a lessee. NHC does it all! In addition to paying you top dollar for your property (25% or more in your pocket than our competitors) our full-time local staff provides property management services year round (maintenance and improvement).