How do I book a property

How are the properties managed?

We manage our properties using the following framework.
Safety- We inspect our properties regularly, clearly mark danger areas and lay out our hunting zones with safety first and foremost on our mind.
Access- We focus on ensuring our members have easy access to stands, camp sites and other activities.
Quality of Experience- We can’t guarantee you will kill monster deer, but we can guarantee you will enjoy every minute you spend on one of our properties.

Do you practice QDM?

Yes, we try our best to control the buck:doe ratio and establish an age hierarchy in the buck population by protecting the smaller bucks. Specifically, we require all bucks to have at least 4 points on each antler and have an outside spread wider than the ears. However, given the size of some of our properties we realize that true QDM is difficult. As such, we focus on QHM (Quality Hunt Management). Our members are busy professionals who want a quality experience (lots of activity and the opportunity to harvest game). We manage our food plots, stand placement, property set up and other factors to ensure you have an amazing hunting experience.

What is the "NHC Experience"?

Our members lead busy lives. They often have demanding jobs, young kids and other commitments that make spending time in the outdoors a luxury. NHC provides our members with all of the fun and none of the work. We manage all food plots, trail camera maintenance, stand placement and maintenance and the dozens of other tasks needed to have a great hunt. In addition we also provide stocked fish ponds and primitive camp sites for our members to use. Simply put, the NHC Experience is “All of the fun with none of the work”.

Can I bring a guest?

Guests are allowed, although guests cannot come at certain, specified times. These periods are typically high-use timeframes and members are given the highest priority. Each membership level has certain restrictions regarding dependent use privileges and guest policies. Liability waivers must be completed by guests prior to accessing properties.

How about camping?

Most properties have at least One primitive camp site set aside for use by members. Our primitive camp sites have fire pits, wood and other camping amenities.

How about fishing?

Some of our properties have access to private fishing spots. We continue to build our fishing spot inventory and will update members when new spots are leased.