Why Join Nashville Hunt Club?

NHC members typically have the financial means to lease or buy a property, but are short on time. That’s where we come in. Our #1 goal is to provide you with an excellent experience with absolutely ZERO time commitment! Basically, all play and no work! NHC provides all aspects of recreational lease management for our members including:




– Locating Property –

– Negotiating Leases –

– Insurance –






– Food Plots –

– Site Maintenance –

– Equipment Maintenance –






– Trail Cameras –

– Feeders –

– Scouting Reports –


















If you don’t mind crowds, smaller deer or spending your precious time not seeing game you are probably well suited to utilize the thousands of acres of public hunting land in Middle Tennessee.

For the rest of you, NHC provides access to private lands ranging in size from 30 acres to 300+ acres.We maintain stands/blinds, food plots and manage our properties for a quality hunting experience.

We can’t guarantee you will harvest big deer, but we can guarantee an amazing experience.
















If done right, fishing can be an awesome outdoor experience for your family. Tennessee has countless rivers and streams accessible for fishing, however, they are often crowded and always overfished.

NHC provides private access to ponds, lakes, rivers and streams to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience possible. More fish…Less people!
















Camping is such an excellent way to spend time with family. Away from the demands of the digital age, television and the dozens of other distractions that creep into our life you have the opportunity to connect with your kids and spouse on a deeper level.

Roasting marshmallows, pitching a tent, gathering firewood or just listening to the fire crackle are all part of the experience. NHC provides primitive campsites that deliver a more authentic experience that your family will cherish their entire life.

We can also provide advice, instructions and rental equipment if required.

Whether you are an avid sportsman or just like to occasionally fish and camp, we have a package for you!