Premier Plus

$300/Monthly Dues*
  • Initiation Fee: $1,000
  • Activities: Hunting, Fishing and Camping
  • Reservations: Up to 4 Advanced Reservations
  • Special Events: Yes
  • Hunt Concierge: Yes
  • Guest Privileges: Yes (Each guest is limited to 3 visits per 12 month period)
  • Dependent Privileges: Yes (Must be in the same zone as member)


$150/Monthly Dues*
  • Initiation Fee: $1,000
  • Activities: Hunting,  Fishing and Camping
  • Reservations: Up to 2 Advanced Reservations
  • Special Events: Yes
  • Hunt Concierge: No
  • Guest Privileges: Yes (Limited to 4 guests visits per year)
  • Dependent Privileges: No

*Rates/Fees: (1) Initiation Fee is non-refundable. (2) Appropriate sales tax is assessed at the time of purchase and is NOT included in the above rates.