Monthly Newsletter: September 2017

Monthly Newsletter is our club update that highlights our recent activities, upcoming activities and other important information for current and prospective members. Here’s what’s been happening in July. 

The Season Is Among Us

Archery season is finally here and although we have had a warmer start to the season, we are still seeing a lot of activity. A few of our members have been able to get out and we have heard nothing but great things about their outings. We have been receiving some positive scouting reports and we appreciate those of you that are passing along the information as you see it while you’re out in the field. Unfortunately, we can’t hunt every day so we really depend on the feedback you can provide us. And for the record…we welcome both positive and negative feedback!

If you have not had a chance to get out or do not want to hunt solo, contact our property manager and set up a time to go hunt, he would be more than happy to help in any way he can. Even if its to get a recommendation on which property to hunt and the best times.

Here are a few of the comments you guys have made to Austin:

“We had a great morning. Found the stand with no issues.”

“These Summit ladder stands are like a lazy boy in a tree”

“Beautiful day at Wilson. What a great property. I was so fascinated with the place I spent most of my time walking and exploring. Food plots look great and I am worn out but feel great!”


Food Plots

The food plots are in and now all we need is more rain! The seed mix is winter wheat, Austrian winter peas, crimson clover and arrow leaf clover. We were able to get all the food plots established and planted on time even with some equipment issues. Keep in mind that these are mid to late season food sources so don’t expect major usage until late early November when other sources are unavailable.

Club Harvest Standards and Regulations

We want to review our club policies for harvesting and sighting deer and turkey. As it states in our member rule and regulation book:

  1. Each member and guest must report sightings/harvests each day following the conclusion of their hunt for deer and turkey.
  2. All deer killed on NHC property must be checked in at a state-authorized big game checking station or with TWRA via the web for a permanent tag after leaving the property as per state law. Also, If a deer or turkey is harvested, we ask that you send our property manager all appropriate data along with a picture of the harvested animal within 48 hours. You can reach him at 615-771-9111 ext.0 or at
  3. Members and guests are expected to follow up and trail any deer shot until all efforts have been exhausted. This may take more than just several hours. Hunters trailing after dark must contact the property manager.
  4. Deer regulations are designed to manage the deer herd under quality deer management (QDM) guidelines, which are designed to protect fawn and yearling bucks and strive to have a deer herd in a balanced sex ratio slightly below the carrying capacity of the property.
  5. Legal bucks include those with 8 points or more and a spread equal to or greater than the ears. Bucks with less than this are protected. Minimum requirements in future years may be raised or lowered based on harvest data. The goal is not to harvest yearling bucks and let them mature to at least 2.5 years or older. . Dead deer don’t grow!

Always be Safe!!

We cannot stress safety enough!!

  • Make sure someone knows where you are and what time to expect you back. Keep in mind that some of our properties do not have great cell phone service.
  • Always use a haul line to pull-up your gear, bow or unloaded firearm. Never climb with anything in your hands or attached to your back. Before climbing down, utilize the haul line to safely lower all of your equipment on the opposite side of the tree.
  • NEVER hunt from a tree stand without a secure and high-quality safety harness. It just might save your life!
  • Always have safety in mind!