Our Story

One opening day of deer season, Jim (President and Founding Member) had one of several heated arguments with his wife. You know the kind…”You’re hunting again?”…”No honey, I was just checking cameras and moving stands last weekend. I haven’t even hunted yet.” He knew there had to be a better way. After several weeks of research and trying to understand what every sportsman needed help with Jim pitched his ideas to Ed. Ed loved it and having spent his whole life working in demanding financial professional roles around the country, he understood the challenges well. In discussions with Robbie on an unrelated venture, Ed shared Jim’s vision to which Robbie responded “How original is that!”. From there the initial meeting was set. Huddled over pizza and beer at a place called Pizza and Grits, three guys discussed the difficulties of finding a place to hunt within a reasonable distance, poor quality of public land and the lack of time to manage food plots, check cameras and hang stands. After much commiserating, everyone agreed we could fix the problem by starting a business based on two basic principles. First, partner with Landowners who share our vision and who’s property NHC can add value to. Secondly, provide affordable access to sportsman for hunting and other family oriented outdoor experiences. It was that evening that Nashville Hunt Club was born.


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Jim Howard

Club President & Founding Member

Jim Howard is an accomplished professional, avid hunter and former Navy SEAL. As Club President, Jim leads the Hunt Club’s engagement with landowners and members. He manages both sides of the relationship (Landowner and Member) and implements Nashville Hunt Club’s risk management strategy. Given his unique background he is a perfect fit for that task. Currently, Jim is a Commercial Banker at First Tennessee Bank in Nashville where he manages the bank’s client relationships. He ensures the delivery of world class service while meeting customers’ complex financing needs. Prior to beginning a career in banking, Jim served 12 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL (1998-2002, 2005-2013) where he completed combat tours in Afghanistan (2001, 2006, 2011) and Iraq (2007, 2009) and 2 non-combat tours to Africa and Europe. Jim and his wife Joy have 2 children and reside in Williamson County. (615) 771- 9111 ext.1 Jim@NashvilleHuntClub.com

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Robbie France

Founding Member

Robbie is a passionate finance individual, outdoorsman, accomplished hunter, and entrepreneur based in Petersburg, Tennessee. Currently, Robbie owns, farms, and manages over 750 acres of land for whitetail deer, turkey, quail and other migratory birds. He is active in the NWTF as well as works with local State wildlife agencies in sharing his knowledge and years of insight with regards to wildlife management. As a local leader in TN managing successful wildlife habitats, Mr. France plays an important role in Nashville Hunt Club’s goal of improving land values for our partnering landowners. He also recently launched his very own company after years of honing his skill set as a leader in the Over-The-Road freight industry. As the dedicated Owner of Transportation Management Group, Robbie is committed to providing his valued clients with top-notch freight financing and funding solutions while delivering on outstanding customer service that Independent operators expect to receive. A devoted family man at heart, Robbie consistently strives to be a good Christian, father, son, and husband. Understanding the importance of loved ones, he makes it a point to treat everyone he meets, including his clients, like family.

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Ed Morgan

Founding Member

Ed Morgan is a former Chief Financial Officer who over the past 20 years has primarily been engaged in downstream oil & gas. Over his career, Morgan has been a Senior Finance Leader in two publicly traded companies and most recently with a technology payments company based in Nashville. As an avid sportsman with a love for the great outdoors, Morgan’s focus has always been to create a better habitat for wildlife and continually work to improve the land. The belief being that the hunt experience goes well beyond the harvest and cultivates that principal in his daily outdoor activities. Current memberships include the QDMA and NTWF (but Morgan pays much more for his corn seed compared to Robbie). As a member of Nashville Hunt Club, Morgan firmly believes we’re creating a club membership with like-minded Sportsmen who appreciate the “love of the land” and in experiencing first class experience each hunt. The lack of work-life balance in today’s society has made it difficult for hunters to carry out the responsibilities of a full-time career and the necessary time spent with family. The Nashville Hunt Club recognizes 99% of middle TN hunters can’t devote enough time and resources to obtaining, producing, maintaining, and preparing sites for hunting no matter which season is upon us. Nashville Hunt Club handles all the nuances associated with managing property with land professionals who have experience improving sites for wildlife expansion and hunting success. On a personal note Ed has been married for over 21 years and has 3 children. With his oldest son planning to attend LSU, Club expansion to Louisiana is likely.

Derek Alldredge

Property Manager


(615) 771-9111 ext.0 PropertyManager@NashvilleHuntClub.com