Long Shot

Marshall – 272 Acres

Zones: 4               Cell Service: Strong        Activities: Hunting  Gate Code: 7510

This  property is excellent and has a lot of different habitats on one place. There is plenty of water, food and cover and from the gallery photos you can clearly see there  is no shortage of game. The woods are mostly mature hardwoods and the fields are a majority open cattle pasture. We are discussing food plots at this time, but given the presence of cattle we are not sure that is the wisest move. However, as you will see the recent select cuts and the farming operations on nearby farms provide plenty of nutrition of the deer and turkeys.

Directions to Main Entrance

Gate Code: 7510

When you enter the main gate you will drive about 150 yards to another gate that you will have to open. Please make sure to shut both gates behind you. When you enter the second gate keep on going and you will pass an old farm house. You will keep left around the house, but follow the road on back until you hit the main parking area.

Trail Cam Photos

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