While some people say having access to hunting property is “priceless”, I assure you that it is quite the opposite. The cost of maintaining your own hunting lease is quite significant and in addition to the hard $ costs, there are significant soft $ costs ( time off work, time away from your family, etc.). We understand the costs of owning a hunting lease to the dollar and thought we could share a little bit of our insight with you to help evaluate whether a membership at NHC is a good value.

So let’s jump right in.

First, let’s make some general assumptions.

1) you are leasing 100 acres to be used by you and your son/daughter. (2 people)

2) you are lucky enough to have a property within 45 miles of your home.

3) you would like 3% of the property to have some sort of food plot

Now for the hard costs of ownership:

Upfront Costs:

Small Tractor/Large Fourwheeler (Food plot maintenance)= $8,000

Implements (mower, seeder, sprayer, etc.)= $5,000

Tree Stands = 8 stands @ $100 apiece = $800

Food Plot (Initial Cost for basic white clover @ $300/acre) 3 acres=$900

Feeders (2@ $300 each)= $600

Cameras (4@ $100 each) = $400

Total Upfront Costs: $15,700

Yearly costs:

Lease Cost- $15/acre= $1500 per year.

Equipment Maintenance (Oil changes,repairs, etc. @ 2% of equipment value)= $260

Corn/Supplemental feeding (12 bags per feeder per year @ $10) = $240

Mileage- Non Hunting (assume 2- 90 miles round trip visits per month @ $.50/mile) = $1,080

Total yearly costs= $3,080

Wow!! As you can see above the upfront costs of leasing a property can be significant with moderate recurring yearly costs, not to mention the intangible costs (i.e. time away from work or your family, or just listening to your spouse give you a hard time).I know what you are thinking….I could do it for less than this. Yes, that is true. For example, you could acquire a lease (extremely hard to do), throw up a couple of stands, never travel to the property and hunt it only during the rut each year. While this is an option, we believe it is not optimal and results in a poor quality hunting experience.

A membership at NHC can provide a quality hunting experience for a much lower upfront cost and a similar recurring yearly cost. If you are interested in discussing a membership at NHC please contact us here.