Crop damage is a serious issue and the real impacts are not clearly understood by many farmers. The TWRA website has an Purdue University study which does an excellent job of quantifying the damage from wildlife.
If you need something late at night to put you asleep you can read the entire study here. In case you have better things to do we have summarized the key points here.

1. Crop damage exceeds $4.5 Billion annually in the U.S.
2. 80% of farmers and ranchers suffer damage and over HALF suffered damage in excess of their tolerance.
3. Whitetail deer are the most common culprits, but racoons can decimate a corn field while groundhogs can have significant impact also.
4. Farmers estimated total crop loss of 2% from deer, raccoons and groundhogs. Damages ranged from $100-$500 per field (specific acreage not specified)
5. Groundhogs are the most disliked of all wildlife species for farmers.
6. The potential for “severe wildlife damage to field crops varies greatly and depends on several factors including animal densities across habitat…, field characteristics (size and proportion of edges adjacent to woodlands), and landscape-level habitat features (e.g., percent woodland).”

Bottom Line: If you have unchecked wildlife populations on your property you are losing money. Contact us for a free consultation. NHC will help implement a sounds wildlife management plan on your property and even pay you for the privilege.